Are you searching for a commercial property agent Windsor?

Are you looking for a commercial property agent Windsor? So look no further! Black Stanniland was founded in 2010 and our directors have over 60 years of combined experience dealing with all aspects of commercial real estate. We serve customers all over the UK including Windsor.

Our main business is based on providing consultancy services to owners and occupiers of commercial and leisure properties. This includes rent, transfer, acquisition, rent recovery, home inspection, rent modification, rental advice, home inspection and land registration rental plan. Our mission is to provide national services but with the passion and knowledge of local businesses. You will always deal with a business manager who will give you good advice.

Our main work

The main thing that helps us is to know the business and entertainment market. We analyze all aspects of supply and demand in the area and can quickly establish a rental value (ERV) for a given property. We also analyse local and national market demand so we can advise you on who will be interested in leaving your home – this could be multinationals such as Costa Coffee, Vision Express, Sainsbury’s, Greggs and It’s Pizza Express. It could also be a local independent or a start-up such as Sassy and Boo or Busby and Fox. We also keep in touch with users who have overseas operations but may wish to expand into the UK retail and leisure market. Another important part of our business is contacts – with more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we have a large directory of buyers, sellers, suppliers, landlords, agents eyes, lawyers and businessmen. If we can’t answer your question, chances are we know someone who can!

Contact us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of commercial property or business leasing please feel free to contact us.

Commercial Property Agent Windsor